Creating . Belonging . Supporting

Abode Respite was created in memory of Hannah McCann

Daughter; Sister; Friend; Music Lover; Professional "Day Maker"; Junk Food and Minnie Mouse Enthusiast.

We Miss you.


What we believe in...

Mission ...  

Abode Respite is dedicated to supporting people living with an intellectual disability by providing customized out-of-home respite services, quality experiences, and fostering inclusion in our community. 

Vision ...     

Providing people of all abilities the opportunity to participate in their community to the best of their ability.

Values ... 

We value an inclusive community. We celebrate people of all abilities.  We encourage wellness, meaningful activities and relationships, daily involvement in our community, and above all else- enjoyment in life. We do this while adhering to professional standards in quality personal care and development.


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How Abode Began...

From a very young age, I knew I wanted to open my own program for people living with a disability. I grew up in Belle River, with a beautiful little sister, Hannah, who was born with Cerebral Palsy, very unique needs, and more importantly- extraordinary abilities. It was the honour of my life to be a big sister to Hannah. I know the family experience first hand. Later in life, I ended up successfully completing the Developmental Service Worker program at St.Clair College. This is where I learnt of the systemic difficulties faced by people living with a variety of different abilities who require support, especially after they reach adulthood. I began working for a few local day programs, beginning in Chatham and moving to an executive position at a day program in Windsor. This professional experience gave me some insight on the advantages and disadvantages of what was available. I wanted to offer something new. I wanted to take a new approach to disability services through inclusive community programming and customized out-of-home respite care. I have combined my education with my personal and professional experience to create an out-of-home respite service, Abode Respite.

Abode Respite believes in providing customized quality care and fostering an inclusive community. We do this by providing people of all abilities with meaningful activities, interactions, and opportunities. Abode Respite encourages people of all abilities to participate in their lives and their community to the best of their ability.

Life is a journey, we would love to be a part of yours!

- Heather McCann-Smith

Executive Director, DSW