Abode Respite Services Inc. 

A Registered Non-Profit Organization

Heather McCann- Executive Director

 For as long as she can remember, Heather had a vision of starting an out-of-home respite program that acted as a home away from home for people of all abilities. Heather grew up as a big sister to Hannah, who was born with Cerebral Palsy, epilepsy, and quadriplegia. Hannah lived every moment to the fullest and taught people how to love beyond words. Hannah was known for her squeals and giggles, colourful clothing, painted nails, and very full life surrounded by a loving support network of family, friends, and incredible respite providers. Hannah passed away in 2008 at the age of 10. Later in life, Heather’s vision she had when she was younger manifested to create Abode Respite Services Inc. Heather graduated with honours from St.Clair College’s Development Services Worker program where she served as Vice President of Thames Students Inc. and was the recipient of the President’s Medal, DSW Leadership Award, and CSA Regional Advocacy Award for her work raising awareness in accessibility on campus, students of all abilities, and challenging mental health stigma. Now, in addition to her Executive Director role at Abode Respite Services Inc., Heather is a member of the Developmental Services Worker Program Advisory Committee (PAC) at St.Clair College. Heather is a dog enthusiast and loves potatoes of any variety. Heather believes the key to happiness is through human connection, lots of laughing, and coffee. 

Ashley Lamont- Executive Grants and Funding Coordinator

Ashley graduated from Psychology and Disability Studies at the University of Windsor in April, 2019. She is currently completing a Bachelor of Education degree with the hopes of being a teacher in the primary/junior division. She works in the Student Accessibility Services department at the University of Windsor and at Carrots N’ Dates on weekends. Ashley is very passionate about advocating with people who live with a disability for accessibility, rights, and respect. She is excited to be a cat mom in the future.

Tyler Knight- Executive Volunteer Coordinator

Community Sponsorship Coordinator

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Ability Project Coordinator

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Abode Rewards Coordinator

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