Abode Respite Services Incorporated

Certified Non-Profit Organization, 2019

What is Abode?

What We Believe In....


Abode Respite Services Inc. is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing out-of-home group respite services and inclusive community programming opportunities to adults living with a disability


Providing people the opportunity to participate in the community to the best of their ability.


We value an inclusive community. We celebrate people. We encourage wellness, meaningful experiences and relationships, daily involvement in our community, and above all else- enjoyment in life. 


Welcome to our first humble Abode House on Arthur. This home away from home is created for our members to build a full life surrounded by community, opportunity and options.

 Abode Houses on Arthur

Spot Reservation Application for Abode House

Abode Respite was created in memory of

 Hannah Catherine McCann

Daughter; Sister; Friend; Co-Founder of Abode; Music Lover; Professional "Day Maker"; Junk Food and Minnie Mouse Enthusiast.

We Miss you.